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What is Down Syndrome?


Down Syndrome occurs in about 1 out of every 691 births.  There are approximately 6,000 babies born with Down Syndrome in the U.S. each year.  Down Syndrome is a genetic condition in which there is a full or partial third copy of the 21st chromosome.  Every person is born with 46 chromosomes, however, with Down Syndrome, the individual has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome resulting in 47 chromosomes.


Individuals with Down Syndrome are mistakenly thought not to succeed in life.  Infact, still to this day, there are some doctors who suggest terminating the pregnancy if the baby is found to have markers for Down Syndrome.  However, those with Down Syndrome are proving everyone wrong.  They are graduating from college, getting married, opening their own businesses, and so forth.  They are showing the world that they are ABLE. 



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