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Our family was blessed with our little bundle of joy, Behr, on March 8, 2016.  We had a birth diagnosis of Down Syndrome, as we opted out of any prenatal testing.  However we were not very familiar with Down Syndrome and all of the abilities that our kids are capable of.  As a family, we wanted to develop this foundation to help others learn just how amazing children with Down Syndrome can be and how far they will go in life.



The goal of our foundation is to help provide any necessary items that families may not be able to afford.  These items may include (but are not limited to) glasses, shoes to go over braces, certain therapeutic devices or tools, and so much more.  Along with providing these items, our mission is to also help provide support and resources to families of children with Down Syndrome.  We want to help educate not only the families, but the community so they may become more knowledgeable about Down Syndrome.  We will host different events throughout the year to help raise awareness and hopefully help others to see just how important people with Down Syndrome are in society.

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